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recolor raster images in Figma
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As I  began using Figma as my primary design tool a few years ago, and so I was looking for ways to make my workflow more efficient.

When I realised Figma had a pretty well documented and easily accessible plugin API, I built this plugin to save myself all the time spent booting up Photoshop and recolouring images there (it was a lot).

Making this plugin was actually made substantially easier due to the fact that Figma’s plugin API is amazingly well documented.


  • Recolor any raster image containing solid/transparent colours directly in Figma (it works best with images containing solid fills and colors)
  •  You can also remove colours from an image. This allows users to create transparent pngs on the fly.

Recolouring an image

Source code

Click here for to view the source code. And if you have any feature requests or bugs please submit an issue on GitHub.


Try it yourself

Click here to install the plugin.

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