Hello Hermit

a website to help small businesses during lockdown
Hello Hermit

Hello Hermit is a site that I worked on with my co-workers in response to the sudden lockdown in my city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The website serves both the general public and business owners by collating a list of local restaurants people can support in their area.

Business owners can add their store and update their menus online, while the public could do a search within their area and save their favourite vendors to a personalised list.



  • Mobile <-> Desktop website design
  • Front end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


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Our main goals for this website was to help businesses and customers support each other without third party costs  for services such as UberEats.

The overall design of the website is deceptively simple, however a lot of information is packed on the screen at any one time to make it easier for people to access information at a glance.

Phone numbers, online menus, and ordering links were made available right on the home page for each business. Users could also click on business photos to view individual restaurant menus in the browser, saving people from having to click through to a separate page detailing the business.

People could also view local businesses using a visual map, which was super helpful to see businesses at a glance within context of their location.


We wanted to make browsing on mobile as easy and efficient as possible so a simple toggle button was used to show and hide the filters. The introductory text was also significantly limited to encourage browsing.

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