unicorntears.dev // a blog about web development from a designer’s perspective

When Google announced .dev domains were for sale, and that they weren’t in fact 20k/year like I initially thought, I was excited and of course had to jump on the bandwagon.

I created unicorntears.dev to separate my technical blogs from the artsy stuff I usually blog about on here, but also as a way to experiment with new technologies away from the WordPress ecosystem. It’s not that I don’t love WordPress. I just think it’s good for personal development to look outside your comfort zone as a developer, and see what new emerging technologies and concepts can make your current work better and more efficient.

I feel like web development contains a lot of very small wins, which add up to a majorly big wins through time and experience, and so I wanted to make unicorntears a place that documents my overall journey as a designer and self-taught developer with the many things I learn along the way. ^m^


Technologies used

  • Netlify
  • Netlify CMS
  • Hugo