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So I suppose I’ll start with what I always start with – ART. <3 I drew this late at night for fun; I really needed a break from work so…yeah. I was really inspired by photos of salt flats, so I wanted to capture that mood somehow. Getting the pose right was hard..I’m still practising drawing different angles and it’s hard  :sweat: Overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out though – I guess it could be more detailed but I actually like the minimalistic quality of this. Or maybe I just like minimalistic stuff in general.  :wink:

I don’t usually draw with many cool colours so this was a nice change. I really enjoyed drawing the clouds- they’re always really, really fun. :0  And surprisingly, doing the reflection was harder than I thought….I’m just not that familiar with many techniques and effects with Photoshop. So I learnt a fair bit in the process which is all good. Actually one of the things I like most about this is that it uses quite a few active diagonal lines … and yet maintains a calm/still peacefulness, which should be contradicting each other but don’t. Anyway, definitely one of my favourite (and fun!) pieces this year.  :love:

Anyway, as you may already know I am officially on holidays! I have a lot of stuff to do though, so I’ll still be pretty busy anyway. Apart from freelance work I’ll be working on, I really need to get the Meep Media website up and running ;-; As in, I need to organise the content on there and draw more headers… :uhh:  It will happen soon!

I also got some new business cards the other day! Finally…after waiting only around TWO MONTHS for them to arrive (from At least the customer rep was friendly enough to apologise and reprint them (I suppose Aus Post lost the first batch… :uhh:)

Moo MinicardsThese are the mini cards I got for my blog – I put a whole bunch of my drawings on the back, I think there are 10 different ones in total. I got them because you can get them really cheap with the luxe cards (haha there’s a bit of marketing genius) but I really like how these turned out; they’re really cute and the quality is actually pretty good for the price (I got 100 minicards and 50 luxe cards for $45AUD INC SHIPPING with a discount code…..seriously can’t beat that) . They printed them slightly off center, but I don’t think many people will notice that except for me, haha.

I also got 50 Luxe cards for Meep; honestly I don’t use business cards much so it was pretty good I was able to get such a small amount (some printers here in Perth require you to buy at least 250 cards…at over $100 a box… T__T) The cards are the best quality you can get from moo – they’re really thick and have a seam of colour running on the sides of the cards. Overall pretty happy with how these turned out too, although if and when I do run out I’ll probably add some minor changes to the design.

I just can’t believe how cheap these are too..the price and quality of these (not to mention the fact they’re shipped from LONDON) beats most print jobs here hands down. And that’s just sad.  :S

As soon as I got them I realised square corners weren’t really working with the logo…lucky I have a round corner punch! Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent memory ($11 from ebay, aww yeah). I rounded off some corners off the cards and they instantly looked loads better, so I’ll probably be manually rounding my cards from now.  :yay:

LuxeI couldn’t decide which rounded edge I liked better so I’ll probably cut a few of all three … because I’m indecisive.  .__.

On another note, I cleaned my room the other day, since I’ve finished college for the semester and don’t need craft paper or my cutting mat on a whim. XD You know when you do a big clean and find stuff you forgot you had? I found a whole heap of cool junk I’d never used:

Mongolian Yurt
Mongolian Yurt – holding my paperclips!

I bought this touristy souvenir when I went to Mongolia in 2011, and found it collecting dust on my bookshelf. I also found some unopened love heart paper clips and love heart split pins (don’t really know what the proper name for these are – they punch a hole through cards to secure stuff or just for decoration) so I decided to put them all to use! Can’t believe I forgot all about these, they’re sooo cuuute.  ^v^

I also rediscovered my Matchy erasers!! Yes they are matchstick shaped erasers. Genius right?! I don’t think they even sell these anymore…just cheapo knockoff ones. So I really don’t want to use these ;-; But they are so awesome ;-;

Matchstick Erasers
Matchstick Erasers

I also reorganised the organiser on my desk (LOL) – I got this a while ago at a random shop in the city:

Desk organiser
Desk organiser

Cute right?! :nod: It even came with some chalk and a mini duster haha. Too bad the blackboard is obviously really cheap, they probably painted it with cheap blackboard paint.  :sweat: It’s now all neat and tidy now though – I finally have a proper place to keep my erasers lol~

Smiggle textas
Smiggle textas

I also found these Smiggle textas I bought years ago. They’re actually surprisingly decent for the cheapo price I got them for – and they still smell like what they’re supposed to smell like (they’re fruit scented bahaha)! Amazing. I’ll have to find a use for these one day…

Clean desk!
Clean desk!

Soo I now have a clean-ish desk. Feels good to actually have room to write and draw properly now (instead of over my keyboard ;_;). Well anyway it’s pretty late so I should probably get to sleep before I turn nocturnal. Can’t believe how much time I have now to do stuff….it’s going to be so good. Drawing, blogging, designinnnnggg…I really want to blog more often so there you go! I’ve posted more recently than I have in the past few months combined so I’m pretty happy.  :D


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