Sugar and Spice and…everything bunnies like

March 2016 edit: HOLY CRAP. I just came across the mocked up website I made of this concept and it’s actually…amazing. Sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Long story short, I made a complete website mockup years ago that I was going to use for a layout. It involved using the illustration you see below, alongside others I never showed anyone. I scrapped it because the techniques are pretty noobish…but the concept. Total genius. I’m going to redo this site for real and it will be GLORIOUS.  :love:

Yes it’s a floating island (or four). Yes there is a bunny. And yes that is THE Dream Machine X-7000™, tucked away on a magical island where all your imaginary wishes comes true. In this case, the cute lil’ bunny got sick of eating carrots and lettuce all day and wished for a dark chocolate almond croissant instead. VOILA! Wish granted. Thanks blue birds!  :0

Ahaha but in all seriousness, this is based on an olld sketch:

Cakotron 9000

Yep that is actually years old. And last year, I did a bit of an experimental/botched art piece which I’m exclusively showing to you all now .__. :

This is embarassing ;_;
This is embarassing ;_;

I originally intended this to be part of a larger web project which I may dig up again at some point. But this particular graphic happened at that stage when I was experimenting with using both vector and photoshop elements. I just did it really horribly and messed so much stuff up in this….next time I’d probably just leave the vectors as vectors. :K I still have the original vector files and I think it actually looks pretty good as is but I had to do a painted version because THIS^^ up there was really annoying me.  T__T And I hate leaving drawings unfinished…especially when I’ve started on them and invested time in it already.  :}

Redoing this was a pain though. Because this was originally a mock-up, the image was at 700 pixels wide  :WHAT: So just re-blocking the colours alone took foreeever. I originally intended to kinda do a backdrop of a forest too, but that didn’t really work with the whole image. So I attempted to do really bushy bushes instead and I’m actually really happy with how they turned out!  ^v^

Painting metal is challenging. I really need to work on this this year I think. And eyes……………….every time I start drawing something new I always find something new to work on  :sweat: Oh and I meant to draw a bottle of beer in this but it turned out looking like a huge ass bottle of vanilla essence LOL. :uhh: Next drawing there will be beer and it will be AMAZING. Oh well…guess you can’t be amazing at everything instantly. But still. I wish I was at drawing, like alll the time :uhh:

Anyway hope you all like it! I’m planning on doing a series of these drawings but with different animals and foods or even actual things…this is the Dream Machine X-7000 after all.  B) Might even make a calendar of these for next year!  :wink:

As I was saying last blog post, I have heaps of ideas I just work at a snail’s pace.  :K I leave things..and come back to it. I’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas recently and omg it’s goddamn fan-tastic. Seriously, if you appreciate good story, action, and choices that actually matter, you need to play this game. I seriously love the setting too. Post apocalyptic stories are SO AWESOME (real post-apocalyptic stories anyway….no Hunger Games crapola). I like Fallout: NV a lot more than Fallout 3 because it’s just so much sunnier and it’s a much more cynical and funnier take on things too. And I love the western feel. Oh and companions don’t die forever in non-hardcore mode which is a plus. Who wants to travel a nuclear wasteland by themselves?! I WAS thinking about getting Red Dead Redemption because it seems similar…but no there’s no PC port :uhh: Sorry but PC is WHERE IT’S AT.

I don’t usually draw fanart AT ALL but I really want to do a tribute to ED-E and Boone…actually all the companions. Because they are all so amazingly crafted in their own way; whoever wrote the characters deserve a gold medal.

I love Boone because he’s just a bad-ass and his attitude is hilarious and he hates the Legion as much as I do.

I love ED-E because he’s just a cute little robot and his battle music is just OMFG KICK ASS.

I love Lily because I have a soft spot for mutants and she’s just such a charmer. Plus she has an awesome sword.  :333

I love Arcade because…ok he’s kinda annoying and whingy. But he uses energy weapons and makes me heal faster so that makes him ok in my book (haven’t done his quest yet).

I love Rex because he just dgaf.

I love Raul because his story is touching and he becomes an awesome vaquero.

I love Cass because she’s strong and of course I had to save her from the Van Graffs.

Aand I love Veronica because she packs a meaaann punch and holds her own. (except she could be a bit more proactive in the whole killing enemies part…)

So yeah. As you can tell I love the game. I’ve nearly finished it…well not really because I still need to finish the DLC’s AND side quests. But I’m having a really hard time picking which side to be on. Mr House? Yes Man? NCR? So many choices ;_;

In other news, I HATE MICROSOFT OUTLOOK. I’ve spent no joke – around SIX HOURS just attempting to figure out how to get a html template into Outlook that doesn’t break in Gmail. Failed on all attempts and still stuck in frustration-land. I just don’t understand why making an html email has to be so hard. T__T To top all that off, I have no idea how to change permissions on the ‘Stationery’ folder so I can add custom templates to my Outlook folder. On my mac?? TOOK ME FIVE MINS TO WORK OUT. C’mon Microsoft. Please. Take a leaf from Apple’s awesome UI.

Anyway…I’m off to de-stress (NOT) and brainstorm business name ideas. And business cards. And signatures. And alllll that jazz. Might seem like small things but it’s taking me way too long on top of other work I’ve been doing and man I really do need business cards.  :heh:

Cake Machine

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