Yayy I finally got around to uploading this! If you follow my DeviantART well you might have already seen this. I’ve been meaning to upload this for ages but I’ve been so busy ;_; For one, I’ve reedited all my main illustrations for viewing on the web. It was just really annoying me that some had different watermarks and inconsistent sizes…and you know what, resizing and editing everything actually took AGES. I made a few minor edits to each piece so go check them out if you have time and let me know if you think I am just overediting everything way too much (I just do that, sorry). I actually really want to re-edit a few other pieces I’ve done too….or redraw them. Love Conquers All in particular…because just looking at that makes me kinda want to scribble all over it now.

ANYWAY back to the drawing. It’s a Sunflower. An electric sunflower, powered by lightning from the clouds. And a cute, fluffy kitty cat warming itself. :3 Based on this sketch I did on a plane ride a few months ago:

I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out. Buuut there is a horrible backstory behind this.

I did something really dumb. Really, really dumb.


For those people with shiny macs, when Windows updates itself, most of the time you’ll need to restart. And this is when an annoying dialogue pops up in the bottom right like this:


And then you’re all like ‘SHUTUPWINDOWS’ and postpone. And postpone. And postpone. Well this always happens to me. And it always happens when I’m in the middle of doing something REALLY IMPORTANT like drawing the finishing touches of an illustration. See where I’m going here? Not only that when you have a bazillion programs open you do NOT want to insta close them all to restart¬† :evil: One time, Windows quit in the middle of me winning a game of Pharoah. On HARD mode. Another time my computer auto-shut down in the middle of me reblogging something on tumblr -_- Seriously, this has got to be the worst thing about Windows 7. This STUPID FORCE SHUT DOWN MODE. You can’t do anything when it starts but hope and pray whatever you have open is saved.

In this case, I’d pretty much finished drawing ‘Sunflower’. It was in a super hi resolution, and I had exported the web versions to my computer. When all of a sudden – WINDOWS RESTART MODE. Tbh I’d kinda forgotten about it because this was probably the fourth day I’d postponed this dialogue now (every 4 hrs mind you). Plus it was around 3am when I finished this so I probably wasn’t in the most alert of conditions. So as soon as I realise my computer is shutting down before my very eyes in the blink of an eye (why can’t computers shut down that quick normally?!) I tried saving everything I had open in Photoshop.

Photoshop has an auto re-save feature which is good. But when I reopened my files in Photoshop again once my computer was back to its normal self, my drawing is now only 2000px wide. In the space of 5 minutes I’d gone from a hi res A1 sized drawing to a 4×6 drawing. Not only that, I was dumb enough to merge all my layers to crop and add a wash over everything just before my computer restarted. So the autosave file contained all my layers merged together.

I still have an original psd from before I started editing in Photoshop (I did much of the lines in SAI) but it took me a long time to add in all the effects and colours in Photoshop :'( Le sigh. Story of my life. So I suppose the max size I can print this is now 8×10…unless I decide to reedit it again in Photoshop. Because I do that eventually anyway, sooner or later…


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