The Long Overdue Post of 2013

Hiii everyone. I know this is a super overdue post – I’ve been meaning to blog a while ago but you know…things get in the way….as they do….

I’ve done a bunch of arts since I last posted which you can see on my deviantART gallery  :hee: I am aiming to blog more this year so hopefulllly I actually do come up with more stuff to entertain you with ;) Blogging just really takes a lot of time to write and plan…and I’m not the best at time management (working on it, promise ;_;). I’ve actually been a bit conflicted about art and stuff lately which may be one of the reasons why I can’t be bothered writing about it all…it’s just one of those ruts I think I get into every now and then.

It’s just the usual, like I question what I’m even trying to achieve with what I draw or where I’m going with my style or technique in general. It’s mostly just random stuff that spews from my imagination, which I guess is not always a bad thing. But when I see my art all together it doesn’t really look cohesive, or like they belong together. And that kinda bothers me. I think I’m still finding my ‘style’ and the right technique to use, but it’s just hard to be positive about it sometimes when I seem to have a negative attitude about everything I produce. Sometimes I just hate even looking at my work, (and this is not just art, but design as well :sweat: ) because it makes me question everything about why I even bother in the first place. I know I should probably just try forget it and move on but it’s not that easy when this is about something that’s personal and something you created….it’s hard to put into words how it feels. But it’s not nice and I just always seem to think (lately anyway) how I could do so much better. It’s like my work’s ok, but not great, which is kinda disheartening.

I have a lot of ideas and concepts but putting it together and forming them into something tangible is still difficult for me…………..urgh it’s just annoying really. I don’t really know how to get through it but to just continue doing what I’m doing. I’ve always leaned more towards conceptual art and illustration, rather than something that purely looks nice for the sake of looking nice. And I guess I’ll continue to do that……but yeah. I get so distracted by other things as well, which does not help at all. >_>

Sorry for the ramble….let’s see how 2014 goes.

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