The Mysterious Island

YAY I finally get time to upload and blog about this!! I’ve been working on an assignment all day (a freakin one minute stop motion project….GAHHHHHHH I’m so bad at videos I’ll probably have to redo it because my frame rate SUCKS T__T) and my battery ran out of power, so while I wait for it to charge I thought I may as well put this up. My room looks like a bomb went off atm, it’s actually really annoying me and I can’t wait to vacuum this place up.  :argh:

But anyway, this is a painting I’ve been working on for the past week or so, it’s an homage inspired by one of my favourite authors, Jules Verne, and his book The Mysterious Island. If you haven’t already read it, I definitely recommend it if you like adventure/steampunk. It is very bloke-y (yeah not a girl in sight in its entirety :sweat: ) and totally convenient and unrealistic but I love how romanticised science is in the book and it is really amazing to me that Verne was talking about electric guns and communication lines all the way back in 1874. He was way ahead of his time.  ^v^

This is a scene I wanted to depict right at the start of the book, when the company are escaping from Richmond in a balloon and get caught up in a huge storm across the ocean. They’re about to fall right out of the sky into the stormy water when they sight the island on which they spend the next four years of their life on! I drew this quite large so this is really a hugely scaled down version…and yes that is FIVE people in that basket. With a dog.  XD

Drawing the balloon was actually quite fun, I used a ref though and that made it a lot easier to draw. Actually, I think I spent the most time drawing the ocean – drawing a stormy sea that goes out into the distance is a lot harder than it looks.  :sweat: I went over the ocean so many times because I couldn’t quite get the texture right. I used some custom rough brushes in Photoshop and it helped a bit too but not too sure if I’m still very happy with the ‘stormyness’ of the sea.

As I said at the start of the year, I’m aiming to work on drawing things I’m not that good at yet, so this painting was quite challenging for me as I usually suck when it comes to painting depth and figures and motion. Overall though I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, considering I did use a lot of elements in this illustration which I don’t usually use. I also used a lot of cool colours in this too and that was hard in itself – I usually use really warm colours and finishing this I now just really want to draw something sunny and happy!!

I also used smart filters to finish this in Photoshop – may do a tutorial later on actually because the technique is really easy and awesome and I can’t believe I’m only now figuring out now how to use them because the capabilities are amazing. I used a rain brush from here, although I hand drew most of the rain…just needed to get a few smaller lines in the background. Also used textures from here – love this site!

So yeah that’s really all I have to say…I hope you like it and I also hope it gets some people interested in Verne’s works in general because he was a literary genius and relating to his ideas and scifi adventures today is pretty inspiring!  :0

And now back to my assignment I go….*groan*  ;_;

The Mysterious Island

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