There and Back Again – Hobbit fanart

You may have seen this on my DeviantART page a few weeks ago – it’s taken me a while to get around to posting this here! :risweat: I was really in the mood to draw something Tolkien inspired when I drew this – probably because it’s pretty much all my boyfriend, Cam, has been talking about recently. Ok I’m slightly exaggerating…but it definitely inspired me to do a sort of tribute to some of my favourite scenes in the Hobbit. So this one is definitely dedicated to him, for being the semi-crazy Tolkien that he is.  :riluv2:

I didn’t really plan the composition out too much when I started drawing this, so I kinda wish I’d made the panels more dynamic to fit with the adventure story. I read the graphic novel a few months ago and loved the watercolour interpretation. A few of the scenes inspired my own interpretation – and I ended up choosing to draw the scenes which were probably the most important parts of Bilbo’s journey (in my opinion) – meeting Gandalf at his house, using Sting to save the dwarves from the spiders, saving the dwarves a (third?) time by using the barrels to escape the elves, and finding the ring in Gollum’s lair. I wish I could’ve drawn the scene where he saves the dwarves from the trolls as well but it didn’t fit in well so that may have to be relegated to another piece!

Drawing this whole thing was pretty challenging for me though – lighting is really hard for me to get right.  :heh: The mountains are also really annoying me looking at it now too – I realised halfway through drawing this that the mountains actually resemble ice. T_T Not good. I can probably do better mountains in Photoshop with a good reference because of the different textural brushes but as I started this in SAI I didn’t really realise until I’d done it all. OH WELL.

Actually, getting the texture right on just about everything was challenging. Mainly because I don’t have as many brushes available in SAI as I do Photoshop. Both programs have their pros and cons, but perhaps I really should start looking into making my own custom brushes for SAI! Because for this piece (and a lot of my other pieces) I usually use Photoshop to get the right texture and colours which you I can’t achieve in SAI. It’s pretty annoying and breaks up the flow so I am probably going to look into that right now.  :rieh:

I don’t have too much to say more about this anyway… I don’t have any WIP shots.  .__. I always try to remember to save some…and then it just doesn’t end up happening.  :risad: All I can say is I look forward to the next movie (which comes out in mere months)! And also more of Thranduil..ehehe…yes…I may just have to draw an elven inspired fanart in the near future.  :koluv:

There and Back Again

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