A brief intro

Hello. I’m Jaclyn, but most people call me Jakki.

I’m a graphic designer, front-end web developer, digital artist, all-round general creative person, and tech geek.

This website has been my digital playground since 2009 and is primarily where I blog about my life and creative pursuits. For all things web-dev related, please also visit my dev blog.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, and have been largely self taught in both art and code.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and have always loved problem-solving and creating things with pixels, preferably with sparkles and rainbows too. :333  I like exploring the relationship between nature and technology and value simplicity and meaningful storytelling without the gimmicks.

And when I’m not dipping my toes in the world wide web, you can probably find me baking, reading, or playing some sort of strategy/simulation game. :kissy:

If there’s one thing you should know about me…

I am very hard to impress and can critique pretty much anything, even things I really like.

My aesthetic, in a timeline.
Active Health Group
Cake Machine..the old version This is embarassing ;_;
Chocolate Cereal Sundae
Blah blah blah
When life gives you crumbs...