I’m Jaclyn, but most people call me Jakki.

I specialise in digital design, front-end web development, and visual art.

This website has been my digital playground since 2009, and is primarily where I experiment with art and code, and show off all the stuff I work on. My journey with digital design began when I was around 12 when I was obsessed with Neopets and Geocities. These hobbies had a profound impact on my aesthetic and career, and these platforms helped me to explore and self teach myself in code and design.

Ever since then I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and am constantly trying to evolve my skills and point of view. I began my career freelancing, and now work at a small studio called Monk in Perth, Australia. One thing has always stayed constant though, and that is my love for problem-solving and creating things with pixels (preferably with sparkles and rainbows too). :333

I particularly like exploring the relationship between nature and technology, and value simplicity and meaningful storytelling.

And when I’m not dipping my toes in the world wide web, you can probably find me reading, sketching, baking, or playing some sort of strategy/simulation game.

Technical Skills

  • Figma
  • Adobe CC
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • VS Code
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS / Sass
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • a11y fundamentals
  • UI/UX design patterns
  • crafting mobile<->desktop experiences
  • Mac & PC proficient


  • University of Western Australia
    Bachelor of Arts (Communications)
  • Central Institute of Art
    Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design




Support me

If you like what I do and want to support me, consider buying me a coffee! A lot of my free time is spent on passion projects and blogging to share tutorials and insights on things that I’ve learnt on my journey. I always endeavour to pay it forward to other open source and quality projects I love. :)

Things I like

fluffy loungewear . 12hr brewed tea . epic soundtracks . japanese stationery . pastel colours . iridescence . learning new things . critiquing pop culture . retro-futurism . american kitsch . epic high fantasy . imagining life in a space opera . when things just work . a perfectly cooked steak . gaming all night . open fields . the feel of grass beneath my feet . morning light streaming through the window . cute animals (i feel like cats are my spirit animal, but that’s not to say I don’t love penguins, alpacas, and koalas all the same :3) . the beauty in imperfection . crafting sessions . cute plushies . athleisure . extra-strong full-bodied coffee (preferably columbian) . sylvanian critters . collecting pretty books and nice brochures . role playing . hearts and rainbows . daydreaming . summer drives at dusk with the windows down . walking under blue skies . nostalgic happy memories

Tools of the trade

These are my personal endorsements for items and productivity tools I use that I highly recommend. Note that I am not sponsored in ANY WAY – these are genuine recommendations that I wholeheartedly use and love. <3

  • Clip Studio Paint
    If you are interested in digital art I cannot recommend this program enough. It has many useful tools that Photoshop doesn’t even have, such as symmetrical rulers, custom perspective lines, and drop-in 3d pose-able models. It lacks a liquify tool and it’s typesetting features are very lacklustre, but everything else is top-tier. Oh and the best thing is it’s a one-off payment – they make most of their money off their third party asset store, so you can support independent creators in the process. It’s a win-win.
  • Dash
    Dash is an incredibly handy app that saves documentation for offline reference. It also has an incredibly useful snippet feature, which I use pretty much every day to code. The snippet feature is super easy and simple to use and set up, and works on both Mac and PC. If you use it with a naming convention, you can insert a custom snippet pretty much anywhere, in any app, using a typed shortcut. For example, you could type !srcset to insert a snippet that has predefined srcset sizes, with placeholders to insert any custom attributes etc. It is as amazing as it sounds!!!
  • Eagle
    Eagle is an incredibly useful app for anyone who designs or makes art. It is Pinterest on steroids. It is a one-time payment and works across two devices, on both Mac & PC. It is what Adobe Bridge always wanted to be but never got there. Eagle is essentially a visual database where you can save websites, graphics, snippets, pdfs, ETC, and catalogue them for future reference. You can easily link it to an online cloud storage like Google Drive or Adobe Cloud, and it is incredibly useful when you need inspiration for a design, on the fly. It is also useful for when you are feeling uninspired and are looking for a reference or something to inspire you. It also has a multitude of amazingly useful features, such as autoplaying videos on hover, smart sorting media by colour or tag, and extensive search and labelling capabilities. I encourage any designer to get this app because it is honestly so useful and has helped me be way more efficient at designing extremely quickly, because a lot of my research is done in my day-to-day browsing.
  • Logitech M590
    This mouse is by far the BEST mouse I have ever owned. I am a big Logitech fangirl because their technology just WORKS. The most amazing thing about this mouse though, is that you can seamlessly use it between two devices, Mac or PC! It’s what Synergy always wanted to be, but far less buggy. Yep, you can move your mouse pointer seamlessly between two different screens connected to two different computers. You can even copy and paste between the two devices. As someone who uses both a Mac and PC daily, it is a productivity boost I’ll never get over. At $64 I consider this mouse to be an epically underrated bargain.
  • Apple’s wired keyboard with numeric keypad
    Yeah, this keyboard is discontinued…but I maintain this is the best keyboard ever (and I’ve used a lot of keyboards). This keyboard is compact and low-profile, and very easy and efficient to type on – the perfect keyboard, honestly. Oh and wired is a MUST- because they are instant, require no setup, and they constantly and reliably just work. As someone who values efficiency in typing and coding, the keys on this keyboards are the perfect size and distance that allows for maximum speed and accuracy. I nerd out over this keyboard. But it’s going to be hard to beat the quality on this one, even for Apple.

Have a wander down memory lane & explore some of my digital adventures.

Below is an assortment of digital media I’ve made over the years in the pursuit of creative expression and aesthetic improvement, starting from when I was around 12 years old. I have a habit of saving each and every thing I do, because I know that one day I’d want to look back and remember where I began.

I think to grow as a creative it’s important to remember that art is a constant journey, especially today where we consume so much content and the pressure to produce stuff feels constant. When I get art block, or when I feel uninspired, it helps me to remember why I create in the first place- to see how much I’ve learned and improved over the years, and also just to simply marvel at how much trends change with time (I always get a kick out of seeing old, outdated aesthetics).