Hi, I’m Jaclyn. I’m a
multidisciplinary artist, designer,
and front-end web developer.


A little about me.

My day to day work involves Figma / Visual Studio Code / HTML / CSS / WordPress / PHP / JavaScript / Adobe CC / Dash / Eagle / coffee and tea
I enjoy drawing digital art, reading and going on fantasy adventures, writing stories, pondering the meaning of pixels, simulation/strategy games, sparkles, cute stuff, learning new things, making things tangible
I strive for simplicity / fun storytelling / interactions with purpose / accessibility and inclusivity / clean and resilient code / sprinkles of sparkles and all the colours
Reading Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson
Local time, Perth AU: 1:42am, Fri 21st Jan 2022
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My latest blog post

May 6, 2021
Easily add a table of contents to any post without a plugin in WordPress
I had to build some table of contents functionality recently, and after trying numerous very popular plugins, I decided to create my own solution that by far offers the most flexibility and versatility. Read on to see my solution.

Things I've worked on