And so here we have another drawing! I think my goal of updating this website once a week is going pretty well so far. As you might know I like drawing deserts and vast landscapes. I was really tempted to draw a penguin in this, but I decided that was just too cliché for me. In case you didn’t already realise, the flying turtles were supposed to be a pun on turtle doves. Now that I look at it, they don’t really very turtle dov-ey, but when I was in the middle of doing this, I may have decieded to focus more on flying turtles than turtle doves… if you know what I mean.

I think the colours in this were kind of hard for me to get around, mainly because I had so many elements with different colour schemes. Picking colours for the sky was the worst – at one point it looked like the molten lava of Mt Doom. I think the 360 project I did last year was good in the sense that it made me think of so many ideas – some good, some horrible *cough* smores *cough* but man it feels so good to just be able to work on something without the time constraints.

I don’t know about other people, but sometimes I’ll just draw a block or background and stop and plan out what to draw. This would probably be left on my screen for a few days while I’d just look at it and think what to layer on. Weird process, but I think I just like taking my time with illustrating like this. I don’t think I could ever be one of those people who do speed drawings in two hours.

That said, I’m doing this sketchbook project for Propel Youth Arts, kinda like the huge Sketchbook Project in NY but on a smaller scale. Only thing is, we have to submit the books by the 11th of April. It’s already the 24th of March and I only got the sketchbook yesterday  :o Yeah……………… wonder what other people are going to do. At least the book is really tiny!!! Oh, this is also the first time I have tried using moleskine paper – I always just thought paper was paper, but this is so much smoother to use pens and stuff on. Maybe it’s a psychological thing.  8)


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