Letterpress rainbow foil text effect

I don’t often make a text effect, but when I do, I try to include as many colours and sparkles as possible. :D

This was a fun little project I did in some free time to see the amount of iridescence and tactility I could achieve on a screen.

If you know me, you know I love shiny things and rainbows. Anything with soft gradients and subtle shimmers? I AM SOLD.

Well this took a little longer than I thought to code, but it turned out way better than I expected.

The rainbow position changes on scroll position to mimic the holographic effect you would get in real life, and works best with huge chunky text.

I do need to clean the code up a bit but I wish I had a project to use this effect with (if you have any ideas let me know). :P

Iridescent letterpress text effect