So recently, I decided to try go vegetarian until Easter. It’s not so much a religious thing but really as an experiment to see if I can go without meat for an extended period of time. The point being, I really want to start living more ethically and that means eating less meat and processed food. The long term goal is for me to eventually just go full on vegetarian – and perhaps eat meat whenever I feel like I need it. Not out of convenience, but you know, it’s hard to break out of a habit cold turkey. I’m just being realistic, when you’ve eaten meat for your whole life it is hard to think about life without it…but I am serious about this. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

My Easter experiment also included a social media diet…but that didn’t last long at all. Not even a day. So I’ve kinda given up on that. To be honest, as much as people hate on social media I find it a really useful source of inspiration and to just get rid of that is like removing a part of my creative process. So, in lieu of the idea of ‘giving things up’ during this period, I’ve decided to start a visual diary and try sketch every day. In terms of drawing and illustrating, I really dropped off last year and to be completely honest, my confidence in my abilities has diminished a lot. I have a lot of ideas and concepts – just getting them out is the hardest part. This way I’ll hopefully be able to express more of my creative voice and save ideas for later refinement. I figure I deserve to give myself at least ten minutes a day to just sketch something out- no undos, no refinements, no pressure. Just brain spew.

I’ve called my new project seapyramid because it’s kinda the embodiment of something conceptually amazing but realistically impossible. I just love a good contradiction. You can visit it here.


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