hehehe I know right. FINALLY. A NEW LAYOUT!!! HALLELUJAH. I feel like this deserves cake or something.

Redesigning this website was such a pain. For a layout which looks so incredibly simple and minimalistic, this is probably one of the most intensive layouts I’ve ever worked on ;_; Not because it’s overly complicated…I just hadn’t designed anything this complex and functional in ages. Plus I’d forgotten bits of code here and there, AND I had to learn a lot of new CSS3 and HTML5 to make this layout as spiffy and pretty as it is. Soo I’ve learnt a lot in the process, picking up a lot of new coding knowledge and insights, which is always a good thing!

Well now that that’s over I can actually say I’m pretty happy with how this layout turned out. It’s simple, clean, easy to read and elegant, pretty much the look I was going for. If you might remember a few months ago (yes it’s been that long) I said I was working on a layout featuring 7 new illustrations (yep..what the hell was I thinking?). This was after I viewed this design here and was utterly amazed at how awesome it was. I then did a bit more research and turns out this thing called Parallax layouts are all the rage at the moment. Well…turns out parallax layouts aren’t actually the best for portfolios. Well I don’t think so anyway. I was halfway through designing my now scrapped layout, all the while wondering how I was going to fit all my content into a 400px box. But there you go. I get way too ahead of myself sometimes.

I might post the failed layout later on when I have time. I dunno. It’s kinda embarassing…kinda like works in progress. It’s an idea I might revisit sometime in the future. But for now, I can happily say I am totally satisfied with what I made and how this turned out. More than anything I’m happy the layout doesn’t overwhelm the content which is one of my pet hates when designers try to get too wacky and end up ruining their message at the same time.

I got a load of sites and creators to thank for helping me create this new layout. All of which I will link to over here.

I’m also pretty proud to say this layout is ‘responsive’. I learnt this word a few weeks ago (yep I know that’s how much behind the times I was), but it was one of the most important things I prioritised in redesigning this website. Because optimising sites for mobiles is now a pretty big thing. For real. I myself hate browsing websites featuring an overload of panning and scrolling not to mention loading times.

I’m actually quite surprised IE rendered this website quite well from the get-go. I didn’t really have to do much at all but change a few CSS things here and there. In compatibility mode it looks like crap but really, if you’re using that old a browser, you really shouldn’t be on the internet.

This website WAS also standards compliant…but you know how hard it is to make sites validate when you use a load of plugins? XD Yes. Very hard.

I’m still in the process of updating my art and works here and there so some galleries might look a bit empty or dusty. I’ll be getting to that sometime later in the week when I get more time (seriously, there are never enough hours in a day).

In the meantime, here’s a sketch of something I am planning on digitally drawing in the very near future!! (yep I am still working on that vector…it has taken me ages :( )


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